Up to 6 passengers on our 34',  48', and 55'  Sportfish
Shark Fishing Trips in June out of Southern NJ

Shark Fishing in NJ has been outstanding the last couple seasons.  The shark Fishing  in New Jersey heats up in late May and runs through the first third to fourth week or so of June.  It's a fairly short season here in southern NJ, there are two weekends taken up by major Shark Fishing Tournaments, and the best dates get booked up early.  The majority of of fising is out about 25 to 40 miles, though at times, we can fish as close as 10 miiles of the NJ coast.  We are targeting Monster Thresher Sharks and Mako Sharks, and also catch Blue Sharks, Brown Sharks, Dusky Sharks and sometimes Hammerhead and Tiger Sharks on our NJ Shark Charters.  Fishing for Sharks in NJ is typically done by setting up a drift over good bottom structure or wrecks, and deploying a chum slick.  Baits are set out at different depths, staggered away from the boat.  Mostly heavier tackle is used, such as Penn 50's.  Sometimes we deploy a kite bait, which attracts sharks to commotion on the top of the water.  This is a spectacular bite when it happens!


Our Primary NJ shark Fishing Boats are our 48' Sportfish, which is perfect for shark Fishing.  The boat is a fast 27 mph cruise boat, that drifts quite well.  It is airconditioned and has a cabin and galley for your conveneience on your NJ Shark Charter.    We also have our 34' Center Console available for smaller groups, and folks who are looking to conserve dollars on their Shark Fishing Trip in NJ.


We offer both day and night NJ shark Fishing Charters  in the month of June.  Later in the Summer as the water warms, we target sharks on our overnight canyon trips, along with swordfish, tuna, dolphin, and marlin.

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